Monday, 11 October 2010

Street Art

One of the things I like about living in a city (even better if it is as large as London) is the mix of people. Of course cities are sometimes full crime amongst other bad things but I always prefer to look at the positive things when it comes to human beings. And it is cities where you are most likely to find street art. On Friday night I was coming back home and found this ‘intriguing’ piece of street art (apologies for the quality of the picture).

What? Don’t you think this is art? Look pal, this is a blog and I checked it in Wiki (follow the link to see some cool pieces from all around the world): this certainly falls in the definition of street art and for me that suffices. No, seriously, if there is a composition that is intentional and tries to communicate messages/feelings or generates them in the witness that in my books is street art.

I particularly like those that are spontaneous like this picture below. It was last winter, it had snowed heavily and I went out to take pictures at the same places I go usually around but with the snow giving them a different spin.

After the inspiration I received from the “Chair in the Canal”, I produced my bit of street art that same afternoon in the Victoria Park (well actually just took the photo of the “Left Buggy”).

I also like the somewhat less spontaneous. By the way, you don’t need to be in such a large city to come across street art. I found this grafitti (the translation from the Spanish is “Where are we going to that we are not getting there?”) in the stunning Cuenca, Ecuador.

Do you like street art? I would love to hear your stories about it.

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